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Select your preferred summer storage service (Curb-side or Full-service)


 We know what a busy time it is for you. Let our movers help by providing our “Full-Service”.

With our “Full-Service” option: Our movers will meet you outside of your dorm and you’ll lead them to your room. Once there, they’ll inventory your items with a numbered sticker. (You’ll get a copy, too!) From there, they’ll take care of all the lifting and carrying to get your items into the truck, and into storage for the Summer (or even Winter, if need be). 

Once you return, we’ll provide the same “full-service” for delivery by carrying all items into your room and verifying all items on your inventory sheet have been returned.


Curb-side pick-up and delivery is great for someone who has their own help to move their items, can move them on their own, and/or just looking to save a few bucks! 

The difference between our CURB-SIDE and FULL-SERVICE is that YOU would be responsible for carrying your own items and meeting us in front of your dorm, curb-side. (We’ll still number and inventory your items and load them into the truck to take to storage.)

Upon our return for delivery, we’ll unload your items (curb-side) and verify all items on your inventory sheet have been returned.