H MOVERS’ Liability

All moves include “Released Value” Insurance Protection: Carrier (H MOVERS, LLC.) will pay 60 cents per pound, per article, for all loss or damage claims. There is no charge to the customer for this choice.  Any claim for loss or damage shall be filed with the carrier in writing by the claimant and shall be accompanied by the paid original bill to the carrier. Carrier may require a notarized sworn statement of claim. Notations of loss or damage made at the time of delivery on bill of lading or delivery receipt DO NOT constitute the filing of a claim.

The following chart reflects average settlement amount with free, “Released Value” Coverage:


Moving any item (through a window, up & over a balcony, up a fire escape, etc.) with the use or straps, ladders, and/or ropes is strictly prohibited by H MOVERS employees. 

Washers, dryers, stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers are not to be disconnected or reconnected by H MOVERS employees. Customer assumes all responsibility of disconnection/reconnection of water and gas lines.

Customer is responsible for removing and transporting propane tanks.

Tanks should be emptied and ran dry. Items include tools such as a lawn mower, weed wacker, generator, etc.

Very fragile and not recommended for transportation, plants are not to be packed into the truck.

Items not previously disassembled by H MOVERS cannot be reassembled by our movers, unless new in box.